Frequently Asked Questions

Tai chi and qigong are not like jogging or working out at the gym, they are slow, flowing movements that work the whole body, and you often discover muscles that you may not have noticed before!

It is possible that you will work up a sweat and feel a little sore afterwards, but in any case you will feel that you have done something. However, the feeling of your body is totally different from the feeling after classical sports. You are less "exhausted", more pleasantly tired and - depending on your energy level - slightly activated.

For real athletes, Tai Chi is therefore probably less strenuous, for somewhat untrained "movement muffleurs" it could be a bit exhausting :-)

We are air-conditioned!

Before the course, the room is cooled to a pleasant 21/22 degrees and in high summer, the air conditioning runs on the lowest setting. We do this entirely according to the needs of our course participants and make sure that there is as little draught as possible.

We are easily accessible by public transport!

  • From Wien Westbahnhof: on foot in approx. 10 -12 min.
  • Line U3 Zieglergasse (5-7 min walk)
  • Line U6 Burggasse/Stadthalle (10 min walk)
  • Tram no. 49 (stop Zieglergasse, 3 min walk)
  • Tram no. 5 (stop Westbahnstrasse, 3 min walk)

Yes, we teach in German and English if required!

Cotton trousers and a T-shirt are best, light socks.

For Tai Chi it is best to have good contact with the floor — you don't need shoes!

If you have opted for all seminars, you can cancel up to the [datum abgelaufen] for a full refund minus 15%.

Our cancellation conditions for individual seminars:

  • Cancellation up to 10 days before the start of the course: refund of the full amount minus 15%.
  • Cancellation up to 24 hours before the start of the course: Credit note for 50% of the amount
  • Cancellation within 24 hours before the start of the course: no substitution possible

You are welcome to change to the next higher level course (Part 1 Beginning Courses) and become a regular course participant!

Dates and payment options will be explained in the summer school!

If you book at least 5 seminars, you can participate in the Tai Chi Vienna Online Training for Beginners!

We use the Zoom platform. The best way to do this is to download the Zoom App onto your computer or tablet. After your registration we will give you access to the virtual practice room.

It's great if you have good internet and a large screen so that it's easy for you to watch the teacher.

  • You don't need much space, about 3-4㎡ is enough so that you can practise well!
  • Ideally, you should be able to close a door behind you and switch off your mobile phone ☺️.
  • Then you are undisturbed and can concentrate on yourself and the Tai Chi!

If you book at least 5 seminars, you will receive the Tai Chi Vienna Video Training for streaming!

The video training is available for streaming for the duration of the Summer School and for one week afterwards (i.e. from 15 July to 27 August).