You will be able to apply many exercises and principles from Tai Chi & Qigong in your daily life. You will be amazed at how much easier your day starts and how much change may occur!

  • 9:30
    TAO Self-Massage and Meditation

    This wonderful self-massage supports the Chi flow (the flow of our life energy), increases awareness for different parts of the body and leaves a relaxed yet activated sensation. It is a meridian massage which, when used regularly, can be understood as a preventive health care.

  • 10:05
    TAO Exercises (Qigong Exercises)

    We will learn the Qigong System of the Authentic Yang Style and all our 24 Qigong Exercises! The movements will be worked out step by step and we will combine them with the breath. Our TAO - Exercises promote flexibility, a sense of balance and release tension in a gentle way. They are the ideal tool to start the day!

  • 11:00
    Chi Kung („Standing like a Tree“)

    This is an intensive exercise that supports the stretching of the fascia and deepening of the breath, both of which are important for Tai Chi practice and therefore a preparation for learning the Tai Chi form.

  • 11:15
    The First Movements of the Tai Chi Form

    (Beginning, Peng, Double Hand Peng, Loi, Chai, On)

    On each of these Saturdays we will work with a new sequence of movements, which will be explained and practiced. These sequences are put together little by little. We will work on deep principles - how posture, movement, breath and energy are connected and support each other!

    If you book all 6 dates you will learn our complete beginners program and can continue with a more advanced Tai Chi course!

  • 11:40
    Energetic Exercises to increase awareness and Partner Exercises

    Working with the practice partner helps the body to integrate the new movement patterns and postures more easily. This way we let our consciousness sink into the body. The mind has a restful break here!

  • Meditation

    We will complete the morning with a short meditation. It serves inner stillness and focus and helps to process what has been learned!