Energy & Internal Power

Chi — life energy in flow

Chinese medicine considers illness to be the result of a stagnation of the life energy Chi. Through the upright, open posture that we learn in Tai Chi, and the liberated breathing that comes with it, stagnant life energy can get flowing again. In this way, complaints can be alleviated or do not occur in the first place.

Die chinesische Medizin betrachtet Krankheiten als das Ergebnis eines Staus der Lebensenergie Chi. Durch die aufrechte, offene Haltung, die wir im Tai Chi lernen, und der damit befreiten Atmung, kann stockende Lebensenergie wieder in Fluss kommen. So können Beschwerden gelindert werden oder treten gar nicht erst auf

How Does Tai Chi Affect my Life Energy?

In Tai Chi you learn the secret of moving in the energetic flow in such a way that no energy blockages occur. This not only prevents illness, but also has a positive effect on the psyche.

The Tao exercises that we practice in Qigong stimulate the flow of energy and balance all the energy meridians. The special energy exercises from Taoist meditation and Tai Chi Chuan are able to recharge even the so-called "pre-natal" Chi.

What Do You Mean by Energy?

By energy, we mean the "power" you need in everyday life to master your life. This form of energy can also help you release blockages and make long overdue changes. Many students report that Tai Chi has helped them to find new ways of doing things and has given them more power to focus on their own personal growth. True to the motto: You have to live your change!

How Can I Tell That my Chi is Weak?

Of course, this question is difficult to answer in a generalized way. However, most of us become aware of this negative change in energy balance over time. This can feel like, "I'm just barely keeping my head above water," or "I need a vacation." However, this feeling does not only arise on hard days, but accompanies affected persons over a longer period of time. They master their everyday life, but are powerless for the bigger things in life.

In order to grow and face new challenges, we need a surplus of Chi to give us strength. Tai Chi and our special Qigong exercises help us to tap into our dormant energy reserves.

Do I Have to be Very Athletic or Strong to Strengthen my Chi?

No, Tai Chi is not about strength or athleticism - Tai Chi is not a competition! The use of chi, the energy of life, is an enormous development of strength, but it happens completely effortlessly. Whenever effort, i.e. the use of muscle power, is required, it is not Tai Chi.

From an early age we have learned that more effort brings more effect, Tai Chi teaches us the opposite: if it is effortless, it is extremely powerful, if it is strenuous and we have to use muscle power, the movement is not done correctly! The strength you need for Tai Chi is created and grows through Tai Chi. It is created by you and for you.

Of course, we still need the strength of our muscles, for the upright, open posture we adopt in Tai Chi. We therefore train mainly the supporting muscles.