Tao Meditation

Meditation is currently on everyone's lips. Everyone is talking about it, some people meditate regularly and others may not be able to do anything with it, even shy away from the supposedly high demands of their own "going within".

Rightly so: Meditation is not something that everyone practices equally well and with pleasure. Meditation also requires practice and therefore some patience. This is not easy for anyone, but the good thing is that we work on it together.

Tai Chi in itself is meditation in motion and is therefore well suited for those who do not like to sit still. In addition, we offer other forms of Taoist meditation: Meditative Standing and Taoist Sitting Meditation, as the three practices complement each other perfectly.

Standing Meditation

Standing meditation essentially involves an open, upright posture. This is then put into motion during Tai Chi.

It is central to master the fundamentals of Meditative Standing in order to allow one's chi - life energy - to flow freely. This affects the breathing, which becomes freer; the psyche, which comes to rest; and of course the musculoskeletal system, which gains strength. All this raises the general energy level.

Taoist sitting meditation

Taoist sitting meditation is a very ancient system from which Tai Chi Chuan has evolved. Here, it is especially about letting the chi flow in a sitting meditation posture, coming to rest and learning how to bring the seemingly inexhaustible stream of thoughts to a standstill. This is the form of meditation that most people associate with the term.

"Chang San Feng1 put the sitting meditation on legs."

1 the legendary founder of Tai Chi Chuan