Our School

Tai Chi Vienna, an ITCCA School

We are a Tai Chi & Qigong school teaching the authentic Yang Style (Original Yang Style), as well as the related Qigong system (Tao exercises and Tao self-massage). We are part of the ITCCA, the International Tai Chi Chuan Association (, which spreads the Original Yang Style throughout Europe.

Connected in Spirit

In the beginning, Tai Chi Vienna was a project of Bettina Trost and Georg Pfolz, whose heartfelt desire was to make the teachings of Tai Chi accessible to many people. Students became friends and companions, some even became assistant teachers.

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Giving Space to New Experiences

Over time, our school has developed into a community, becoming a second home for many students. Together we carry the principles of Tai Chi from our school to different parts of our world.

Our doors are always open for you, please come in.

In the Spirit of Tradition

We are proud to be a part of the ITCCA, the International Tai Chi Chuan Association, which ensures that the Original Yang Style is lived and practiced all over the world. Together we breathe new life into traditions.