Tai Chi Vienna has many faces. We are happy that you want to get to know ours better.

Georg Pfolz

Georg Pfolz

Tai Chi harmoniously combines my interest in martial arts with my interest in meditation and spirituality. My early experiences with fighting were not characterized by aggression and fear, but allowed me to enter a state of stillness and quiet attention, which was not accessible to me for a long time through any forms of meditation.

In the Asian martial arts I hoped for answers, I had first contacts as a child with Judo. In Paris I discovered the Original Yang Style already in 1988, but in the course of time I tried other styles in parallel, among them Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun (WT) and Hsing I.

Only the special energetic instructions of the Original Yang Style gave me access to this stillness and inner power again.

  • I practice the Tai Chi of the International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA) since 1988
  • Since 1997 I have regular private lessons with Master Chu King Hung as an authorized teacher of the ITCCA.
  • 1997-2006 teaching in Vienna
  • 2006-2014 head of the ITCCA school in Steyr
  • Since 2014 head of the school Tai Chi Vienna.
Mag. Bettina Trost

Bettina Trost

Originally a pharmacist with a consulting focus on alternative medicine, homeopathy, Bach flowers, Schüßler salts (face analysis according to Hickethier/Feichtinger) and aromatherapy (Young Living Essential Oils). Certified Astrologer (API Zurich).

Since my authorization as a teacher of the ITCCA in January 2000 by Master Chu I taught the Authentic Yang Style first in Vienna, from 2006 in Steyr/Upper Austria, from autumn 2014 in my own school in Vienna. The constant further education by Master Chu in private lessons and seminars guarantee constant further development.

  • Tai Chi since March 1997
  • Since 2000 regular private lessons with Master Chu King Hung as an authorized teacher of the ITCCA
  • 2000-2006 teaching in Vienna
  • Since 2006-2014 head of the ITCCA school in Steyr
  • Since 2014 head of the school Tai Chi Vienna.
Kerstin Kusum Lehmker

Kerstin (Kusum) Lehmker

In the early 80s I came into contact with Qigong courses and Indian spirituality through my husband.

Since then these themes have accompanied me through life.

  • 1955 born in Freschluneberg, Northern Germany
  • 1987/88 I started working with computers as a bookseller in Berlin/first ITCCA Tai Chi Chuan steps at the Schule für Tai Chi Chuan Berlin
  • 1998 move to Amsterdam. The daily work with computers, software, databases and networks becomes more intensive...and after some time also my Tai Chi Chuan/Qigong training.
  • In the School voor Tai Chi Chuan Amsterdam I trained for many years, was active as an assistant for about 3 years and took part in the courses with Master Chu King Hung.
  • November 2022 moved with family to Vienna
  • since November 2022 I am learning and training at Tai Chi Vienna
  • since March 2023 I take part in the Tai Chi Vienna Special Training for advanced students
Marion Mayer-Burianek

Marion Mayer-Burianek

After the difficult birth and the subsequent hospitalisation of my son, I was physically and nervously quite battered. In my search for a movement system that would give me peace and strength, I came across the Tai Chi Vienna School. Since then I have been practising Tai Chi several times a week with great pleasure and find it a wonderful exercise system for busy and full-time mothers. Tai Chi gives me lightness paired with stability and gives me energy for my everyday life. My whole family benefits from this as well 🙂

  • Since 2017: Tai Chi classes in the original Yang style at Tai chi Vienna.
  • Since 2020: Training as a Tai Chi teacher at Tai Chi Vienna

Gertrud Salzmann

Shortly before I retired, I was looking for a sport that would keep me physically and mentally fit. So I came across Tai Chi and was convinced from the very first lesson that it would be my thing! Tai Chi keeps me flexible and mentally fit! I've been practising tai chi since 2019 and I'm still fascinated by it. The longer you stick with it, the more interesting it gets!

  • Since 2019: Tai Chi lessons in the Origina Yang style at Tai Chi Vienna
  • Since 2020: Tai Chi teacher training at Tai Chi Vienna
Sergej Tichonov

Sergej Tichonov

The saying "Tai Chi - Meditation in motion" interested me and led me to Tai Chi Chuan. The lessons with Bettina and Georg fascinated me and did not let me go.

  • Tai Chi since 2014 at Tai Chi Vienna
  • Since the beginning of 2017 teacher training at Tai Chi Vienna
  • Since 2017 regular private lessons with Master Chu King Hung