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A year ago I could only move my arm in pain because of my bad shoulder. Then I discovered Tai Chi Vienna. Now I can move it again like a pinwheel without pain. Even the upper shelves are no longer a problem J.Tai Chi is my medicine for the second half of life!

Veronika (55J) , 10. August 2020

After many weeks, I would now like to say a very, very big and heartfelt thank you for converting everything to online operation so quickly and with such commitment.

And that you make sure every day that the hours run so smoothly and are certainly not only for me again and again an opportunity to stop something in this strange situation.

I'm also noticing right now that the variety of exercise I've had in normal times seems to have helped a lot in keeping my pain at bay.

And although I am fortunate enough to still ride to work often and thus get "exercise" outdoors by bike, it is still one-sided, so your lessons are a great help in adding a little more variation to the movements.

What surprises me and makes me happy every time is that, despite the distance and the small screen, I always have the feeling in between that I am gradually "arriving" more in the movements (as far as I can even call it that as a beginner).

Many thanks again to both of you and see you shortly at one of the next lessons!

Feedback aus dem Einsteigerkurs , 26. April 2020

Jana Bartho

Jana Bartho

I am a classical singer and vocal coach:

As a dramatic soprano, I am currently singing many concerts, mainly in Vienna.

As a vocal pedagogue, I love to help people who love singing to re-activate the natural processes in the body - the optimal interplay of breathing, bodywork and voice, so that the voice can reach its full potential in the shortest possible time.

Here's a little feedback:

I go to Bettina's or Georg's Tai Chi school twice a week for training. For me it is very relaxing and energizing at the same time. Bettina and Georg are wonderful teachers. They have a lot of experience and a comprehensive knowledge. They work with a lot of empathy, so that everyone feels comfortable in class.

I am a classical singer and my singing technique has improved a lot since I started learning Tai Chi. Besides the group training, I do a few minutes of Tai Chi or various Qigong exercises every day before singing. If I skip several days of Tai Chi training, I notice it immediately when I sing.

Through regular Tai Chi training, my voice has become audibly freer and stronger. My breathing has become deeper and my diaphragm more flexible, allowing me to sing much longer phrases.

I would recommend Tai Chi to any singer or musician who works with the breath.

Jana Bartho , Sängerin und Gesangspädagogin , 2. März 2020

Great school, very friendly and great for those with back problems and tension!

Markus Rezai auf Google, 14. April 2018

I am Paolo from Salerno in Italy. I practice Tai chi for 3 years. I wanted to know a school ITCCA in Vienna and I found Georg u Bettina. The practice room is beautiful and the teachers are warm and professional. GRAZIE! I hope to see you again, gladly in Salerno!

Paolo del Mercato auf Google, 20. August 2016