Feedback unserer Schüler

Eckart Schwarz-Schulz , Musiker , 18. September 2023

We are very happy that the online courses will continue, especially in our current situation where we have to commute between Vienna and Carinthia, it makes us happy not to have to do without Tai chi.

Rosana & Kurt , 24. April 2020

Found my new home here after martial arts became too exhausting for me. Totally great trainers and very nice people who all have the same goal.

Especially pleasant is the extensive range of classes for beginners and advanced, so there are no excuses for not having time.

Anneliese Zobl auf Google, 13. Februar 2020

For me as a musician, Tai Chi also has a lot to do with music, the body and the mind must be brought into harmony to help the soul express itself.

Christian S. , Organist , 27. Dezember 2019

Thomas Macher

I can only recommend everyone to learn Tai Chi here. The positive effects appear very soon and motivate very much to continue. Great teachers who really respond finely to each individual.

Thomas Macher , Programmierer u. Musiker , auf Google, 20. Oktober 2015