Feedback unserer Schüler

Thank you dear both [Bettina and Georg]! It is sooo great that it works so well with the lessons. It goes so well that I notice (in effect) only little difference to the life lessons in the center. For you it must be very exhausting - only: you don't notice anything about it. It looks easy and simple to combine movements, breathing and speech.

Anyway, through the lessons and continuing in the form, this strange house arrest time is much easier to endure.

Big thanks!

Eva Nada Kumar , 7. April 2020

Found my new home here after martial arts became too exhausting for me. Totally great trainers and very nice people who all have the same goal.

Especially pleasant is the extensive range of classes for beginners and advanced, so there are no excuses for not having time.

Anneliese Zobl auf Google, 13. Februar 2020

I would not want to miss it anymore. Thanks for the great training!

Andi Jonas auf Facebook, 20. März 2017

I am glad to have found this school!

Comment: I must correct my comment: It was not me who found the Tai Chi school in Schottenfeldgasse, but the time was ripe for me to be found. I have been searching for the right way to learn Tai Chi for many years - the search is over! I feel very comfortable in the circle of my teachers and fellow students. I look forward to the training sessions from week to week! Thank you, Bettina and Georg!

Peter Nowak auf Facebook, 25. Juli 2015

Scarlett Müller-Mangelberger

The group is great, the exercises very relaxing. The trainers are very sympathetic and the tea break great to talk with the other participants about this and that.

Scarlett Müller-Mangelberger auf Facebook, 17. Juli 2015