Health & Tai Chi

When Tai Chi Chuan was practiced primarily as a martial art, the positive effects on health and well-being were welcome "side effects". In the meantime, many people focus on the health aspects of Tai Chi. Therefore we tell you here on which levels Tai Chi can improve your health. This has also been proven by several scientific studies, which we will gladly tell you more about during a taster course.

Wie bei allen Dingen im Leben sind die Auswirkungen natürlich individuell und stärker, je intensiver und häufiger du Tai Chi praktizierst. Doch schon zu Beginn werden sich erste positive Veränderungen zeigen.

1. Muscles, Fascia and Back

Tai Chi not only works your muscles, but strengthens them in the process.

What Tai Chi can do for you:

  • General flexibility is improved.
  • So-called "hidden" muscles are addressed.
  • Support muscles are strengthened.
  • Fasciae become softer and more supple (collagen-3).
  • New connective tissue is formed
  • The mobility of the spine is specially trained
  • Special exercises for the intervertebral discs.
  • Joints are gently trained and thus more mobile
  • Supporting muscles are strengthened

2. Posture and Breath

You will also observe changes in posture and breathing through regular practice.

  • Unnecessary tensions in the body will be relieved
  • Shortened muscles will be stretched - weak muscles strengthened
  • Fasciae are gently stretched
  • Correct posture enables free, unhindered breathing
  • Breathing becomes calmer and deeper, even the voice changes: We get a lot of positive feedback from singers who practice with us.
  • An upright, open posture has a positive effect on other people, but above all it strengthens one's own psyche and brightens one's mood.

Overall, a posture is established that does not put more strain on the musculoskeletal system than necessary and thus prevents, alleviates or eliminates many complaints.

3. Chi - Life Energy in Flow

The third - energetic - level, builds on correct posture and liberated breathing: Chi, the life energy, can now begin to flow again. In Tai Chi we learn the secret of moving in the energetic flow so that no energy blockages occur. This not only prevents diseases, but also has a positive effect on the psyche.

  • The Qigong exercises stimulate the energy flow and balance all energy meridians.
  • The special energy exercises from Taoist meditation and Tai Chi are able to recharge even the so-called "pre-natal" Chi.

4. mental strength

Stress and negative emotions are omnipresent in our modern life and weaken the immune system and self-healing powers. Even the first few hours of practice will allow you to experience a time-out from the stress and worries of everyday life. In this way we succeed in approaching our lives with new energy and a different perspective.

Inner peace and coming to rest cannot be achieved through relaxation exercises alone. Only a vital flow of energy, which activates and harmonizes all energy centers, "flushes" the negative forces out of the system and frees the mind from the flood of thoughts.

"Put your body in the right posture and focus on the One, and heavenly harmony will come upon you." (Chuang Tzu)

5. Joy of Life

In the Authentic Yang Style the joy of life, being alive, in the here-and-now, is of special importance. Inspired by Master Chu, we call this "Happy Chi". Unlike purely calming meditation or relaxation exercises, our Tai Chi accustoms the body to postures that one would spontaneously assume, for example, when one is feeling very well or experiencing intense joy.

Emotions influence posture and vice versa

If one is not feeling well or is under stress, the body assumes protective postures that block energy in the long term. Purely mentally, it is often very difficult to free oneself from this spiral. This is where Tai Chi can help.

Fortunately, the body can also have an effect on the emotions: the energetic postures of Tai Chi reduce stress by stopping the release of stress hormones - this is how we awaken the joy of life.


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