From an evolutionary-biological point of view, stress is a natural survival mechanism that is quite appropriate in certain situations and can even have a positive effect in the right dose. However, chronic stress, i.e. prolonged stress, is a condition that pushes our body to its limits and should therefore be avoided.

Chronic stress is associated with numerous health risks and problems because it unbalances the body's hormone balance. The hormones released during this process are toxic and can cause a variety of chronic diseases.

Stress-free with Tai Chi

Tai Chi's special energetic postures and deep breathing have an immediate effect on your stress level. Stress hormones are reduced within seconds, and after a training session life feels immediately easier.

A lasting effect can be achieved with regular practice, but even the first few hours provide initial relief or respite. Your body gets used to the tai chi exercises and it succeeds in breathing, pulse and thoughts easier and faster to come to rest.