Original Yang Style

As a school of the International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA) we have the declared goal to pass on the still little known inner tradition of the Yang family to interested people.

Tai Chi and Taoism

Tai Chi is based on the principles of Taoism and is, so to speak, their concrete expression. The movements and positions are not arbitrary, but are formed by these principles in the way we perform them. Yin and Yang, heaven and earth, square and circle, Yi and Chi, do not remain abstract concepts, but are essential and concretely realizable concepts for the practice.

Deepening levels of the Original Yang Style

The authentic Yang Style (Original Yang Style) knows many so-called "deepening levels". These belong to the secrets, which were traditionally not written down and only passed on within the family. Among them are the correct breathing in combination with the movements, the arm and leg spirals, the yin-yang relationships in the body in each posture, the correct work with the "intention", the "yi", and much more, which we would rather tell you in private.

But shhht... between us, we can already reveal some information about the most important levels of deepening:

  • The Yin-Yang Form: The deeper meaning of the yin-yang teaching is explained and from this the yin and yang logic of the movements in the form are derived. The breath in the form is aligned with these principles.
  • The Chi Form: The principle of "opening and closing" in the arm spirals.
  • The Center Move Form: This is about the Tan Tien, the energy center that coincides with our body's center of gravity and its precise positioning and movement.
  • The Leg Spiral Form: Like the arms, the legs are also moved according to the spiral principle.
  • The Neck Spiral Form: Subtle rotations of the neck allow the realization of the "bow and arrow" principle.
  • The Inner Breath Form: Once the other deepening stages have been mastered, and the preparatory exercises have been conscientiously practiced, the energetic breathing of the Authentic Yang Style can "kick in" and be utilized.

Weapon forms

The weapons in the Original Yang Style are the sword, the saber and the long stick. The weapons intensify the flow of energy, give one a better understanding of some levels of deepening, and one learns to integrate the weapon into the body's energy system.

Partner exercises

The partner exercises consolidate the energetic postures and create a special feeling for the partner's movement and energy. They are also a preparation for self-defense.

There are several partner exercises in the original Yang Style: several forms of Pushing Hands (pushing hands, tui shou) and Ta Lu ("big pulling"), as well as the Fighting forms with and without weapons. The partner exercises themselves are not a competition, but are intended to provide a cooperative, harmonious practice of specific skills.

Self Defense

Using Tai Chi as a form of self-defense can be a goal of the practice. Through meditative practice of the form and partner exercises, one learns the ability to act calmly and from one's center - even when under attack. This ability naturally benefits one in other situations as well. It also helps one gain greater composure and thus the ability to act in situations where one is confronted with non-physical aggression.